The word of the Lord came to His son Pastor Ademola Fajemilugba in April 1995, that I am sending you to go deliver the world from oppression and afflictions. I do not act on this because I was still enjoying the world, this was followed with a sickness that nearly took my life, and when I was on my sick bed , the world came again saying I have choosen you to work in my vineyard. And I made a promise with God that if He can heal me, then I will do His work, God fulfilled His part by healing me, but yet I refuse to fulfill my part. And I still continue enjoy the world, but the word still keep coming to me to go deliver my people not until December 2012, that I told God I am ready. and the ministry finally started 0n March 3rd 2013, God has equip me and His grace has been so sufficient upon me and the ministry. He has showed Himself strong in the ministry with evidence of testimony and miracles

I give God all the Glory.