Policy plan


To Spread the good news of Jesus Christ and also demonstrate the heart of God through giving to the less priviledge.

Vision and Priorities

– Church of God that reflects the love and character of Jesus Christ to the world.
-Reach out to the unbelievers with the love of God and make disciples of them.
 – A safe home to everyone.
– Giving hope to the hopeless and the less priviledge
– prepare and equip believers for missionary work
– Giving marriage counselling
– Arrange conference and other activities for Women, Men and Children
-Rehabilitate the addicted people
-Arrange a shelter for the homeless

The assets of the Foundation are formed by:
– Gifts and donations
– Gift and Collections during church services

Management and costs
-The board strives for full transparency with regard to all income and expenditure.
-All incoming funds are spent on the goals of the Foundation.
-Spending of resources is only after consultation within the board.
-At least two board members have continuous insight into the bank account.
-All board member are not paid for their services

The Board of Power of exaltation Ministry
The board consists of the following persons:
– Ademola Fajemilugba
-Taiwo Mercy Fajemilugba

 Financial policy
The Stichting Board is under obligation to annually, within six months after the end of the financial year, record and draw up on paper the foundation’s balance sheet and statement of income and expenditure.

– The board of the Stichting POEM does not receive any remuneration for their services as board member of the board. A reimbursement of expenses is possible.

Stichting Power of Exaltation Ministry
KVK-nummer : 67487319
RSIN : 8570.22.520

Worship centre
Heezerweg 452,
5645KZ, Eindhoven

Postal address
Hunzestraat 128
5704GV, Helmond